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Aww i miss my babies !

By YanaRawksit · July 16, 2010 · 0 Comments

Aww im your bitch and you're my jerk!

Well heylo! oh my i miss my sugar man ! haha well its been a long time now i've not updated haha my sugar sick ! hehe . ok i syg sugar k?
oh well alot of things happen well last week prob settle now this week prob not yet settle haish. sadded ok here hows the stories go~

Err.... Well akirbaby is finding fault with me when i already say goodbye!
so yeah . is he trying to attract my attention? is he in need of me ?
if he do why in a disrespect way ?
Or if he trying to throw me away ? if he do why not do it 2 months ago?
thats weird right ?!
obviously it is ! 

Baby I love eu larh! Get it ?
I miss eu !
I wanna hugg eu !
i wanna kiss eu!
I wanna hold eu tight and never wanna let eu go !
Cause i can feel that there's a connection thats we cant be apart !
hehe i love eu akirbaby!

Ok Update soon goodbye .
Lots of love And XOXO,

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